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The components of the engine model of wellbeing. (Essay Sample)


Please review the three questions below, and choose the one that you feel most confident and interested in. Choose someone in your life/or in this class and explain the topic to them. Then record yourself and speak for 5mins about the conclusions you came to regarding the topic you chose to discuss.
Alternatively you can also to write an essay to answer.
Describe the components of the engine model of well-being.
Describe broaden and build theory. In your answer, include how it might apply to children or adults.
The textbook authors note that “researchers have tended to speak less about intrinsic motivation, preferring to see motivation as either ‘controlled’ or ‘autonomous.’” Define these three terms and explain why there has been a shift in focus.


The components of the engine model of wellbeing.
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The components of the engine model of wellbeing.
One of the most popular models of well-being in psychology is called "subjective well-being" (SWB), and the other is "psychological well-being." Three factors (life satisfaction, positive affect, absence of negative affect) make up SWB, the feeling-well model to wellbeing (Diener, 2017). It is the theory derived six-factor model (positive interaction with others, autonomy, self-acceptance, environmental mastery, personal progress and life purpose) of the functioning-well approach to wellbeing (Ryff, 2015). The two models were created at the same time, yet they took completely different routes to get there. A deep sense of competitiveness in the struggle to "define" wellbeing has accompanied their development as a result of this concurrence. They all have notable adversaries who are either whitewashed or ignored, and each has a unique philosophical, epistemological and psychometric foundation (some stated, others implied).
People who aren't immersed in the narrow world of well-being studies have difficulty figuring out how to collaborate and integrate their findings because of the conceptual ambiguity created by the wide variety of approaches to well-being. As in a boxing ring, the primary schools of wellbeing thought to stay segregated in their respective corners, cheered on, and swabbed by their fans while being jeered by the opposing crowd. This has led to a lack of real integration, which has replaced a fixed sense of hostility. However, researchers from other fields have risen to the challenge and are progressing toward more integration. For example, according to some researchers, SWB and PWB measure the same thing.
In contrast, others have offered conceptual approaches for dynamic integration based on examining the factorial design of multiple wellbeing scales. One such model was suggested by Jayawickreme, and Seligman (2012), which drew from wellbeing studies conducted outside of psychology. In terms of both the path taken and types of wellbeing, their approach provides an economic framework.
Adapting a systems-informed model called an engine model, this model's foundation is based on a course as to how wellbeing develops that is parsimonious in terms of processes, inputs, and results. I believe that this suggested model is the most viable attempt at integrating the PWB and SWB models in a complementary way, along with countless additional wellbeing studies from various fields. However, empirical tests have not bee

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