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Managing Employee Errors (Essay Sample)

Managing Employee Errors Name Tutor Course Number Institution Date Managing Employee Errors Employee office errors can lead to a companies expectations being unrealistic. It is because one shipping error can cost the loss of a customer, and loss of months of profits. You cannot talk of zero defects but try to reduce employee Errors is so much appropriate to the company’s progress. The Human Resource department must not always focus in the growing success of the business, but also in the welfare of its employees, and this employee will be so much careful because they are well looked. In the economy, we are living in; customers have become so intolerant to any error. It is because the quality is to be offered free, and organizations have, therefore, realized that errors in the business will be very expensive in the progress of the business. There are various recommendations that a Human resource Specialist in an organization should give to a manager who plans on starting a counselling process to an employee who has always been making some errors in the office. First, as difficulties in the job place can affect the relationships at home, the same case to circumstances at home can spill over in the workplace. There are several procedures a manager can use in counselling the employee. For example, administer a positive reinforcement. The manager should first try to identify if there is any problem with the employee, either at work or with his/her personal life maybe at home. It will be a step to try and find out the course of the poor services. Then, identify the behaviours that create zero errors with a high-quality output, develop a way to measure and monitor them and then provide a positive reinforcement for improvement. Managers should not also measures the errors but implement on the desired behaviours of shipment (Sims, 2006 p). After the cancelling, various suggestions or conclusions should be made in order to meet these recommendations. For example, a job description of written goals, and what tasks to undertake will lead to good performance management in the organization premises and offices. Therefore, the employee need to understand all the organization expects him or her in the job and with this he will be in a position to have a clear description of the job details. The employee should also try to minimize all the stressing factors while working in order to minimise distractions of quality performance. Making better use of quality management tools would also be a better process to map out...
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