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Netflix Inc.: Business Model, Structure, and Value Propositions (Essay Sample)


About progresses Netflix have made to remain relevant in the market


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Netflix, Inc
Netflix Inc. is one of the fastest-growing subscription streaming providers for the entertainment industry. It has gained membership in 190 countries and has been the most successful movie streaming worldwide. Netflix is an American company founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Its headquarter is in Los Gatos, where it has also been involved in designing original programming. It was the wake of the internet in 1999 that made the company venture into online subscription movie streaming services. This discussion focuses on evaluating Netflix based on its business model, structure, and value propositions.
Netflix's Value Proposition to Customers
Netflix has always been in the move to ensure that its customers get maximum satisfaction and create more pleasure by providing a wide range of content. It has a unique selling proposition that enables the customers to link with it based on the products it presents to the market. The value chain proposition is related to ensuring quality entertainment to all its customers throughout the year (Tambingon et al., 2019, 80). One of such propositions is ensuring the presence of a vast product catalogue with contents that match the taste of all clients. For that reason, Netflix proposes to design its movies and series website that enable clients to access the genre of their interest in an easy way. The ease to use platform makes it more attractive to customers. In addition, this catalogue variation helps ensure inclusivity to diverse communities of viewers.
The second value proposition to customers is providing on-demand streaming content that is accessible all day through. They also ensure no ads in their contents to ensure consistency and noninterference with the viewer. Moreover, efficient communication on new releases based on the dates and a brief overview creates a good tempo for the viewers. As a result, it boosts viewing and subscriptions and therefore expands its popularity in the world.
 Binge-watching is an essential aspect of Netflix that makes it more attractive to customers. The consolidation of various episodes of a series or a TV show gives customers have opportunity to have a non-distracted time to complete the series at their comfort time. Deciding to watch a whole series within a day helps create pleasure with little anxiety based on wait time before the next episode is cast (Shattuc, 2020, 160). Netflix solves this by ensuring that it uploads a complete show for the viewers. Thus, it gives the customers control over their watching. It is also a way of guaranteeing additional value while using Netflix.
Netflix has also formed a tendency of offering a personalized list of watching to its customers based on what they like. It is based on observing the customer's trend, analyzing the list of movies in the genre, and then posting to its top list. It enables efficient marketing of content and promotes the possibility of clients demanding more each time. This makes it possible to prioritize the customer's preferences while ensuring better ways to keep the platform attractive.
High-defined content based on originality is a factor that gives Netflix uniqueness. Customers are always attracted to new content that is originally designed. It ensures that the platform looks different based on the constant updates that come with it. Internet play a critical role in ensuring accessibility to all their customers. The subscriptions are also made accessible from any part of the world. Providing strong internet connection and friendly rates are among the critical factors supporting the success of Netflix while opening up its market.
Netflix's Business Model
Netflix has managed to 

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