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Pros and Cons About Apple Inc. Human Resources Management Practices (Essay Sample)


Pros and cons about Apple Inc. Human resources management practices


Pros and cons about Apple Inc. Human resources management practices
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Pros and cons about Apple Inc. Human resources management practices
The success and growth of Apple Inc. are attributed to the strengths of its workers. This strategy has enabled the company to achieve consistent growth and excellent performance in the digital market. The company recruits employees with excellent skills and talents and employs the best talent management mechanisms in nurturing more talent among its employees. The talent management strategies used by the company have enabled it to retain and acquire a highly skilled workforce.
Regarding talent management, Apple employs the six factors of talent strategy, including careful selection, hiring, planning, and assessment to acquire and retain the best employees. Therefore, the selection and recruitment of employees in Apple are key factors to its success. The company has invested sufficient resources in its recruitment process with the key objective of obtaining highly skilled employees who suit its culture. Therefore, it selects its employees based on their competency. Its recruitment strategy does not promise career development for its employees; instead, it prompts them to own their careers (Cohen, 2015). To ensure that it acquires only talented employees, the company relies on bandit raiding of skilled employees from other companies. Besides, the company's recruitment process aims only to hire workers who resonate with its culture.

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