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Policy Alternatives and Solutions to Address Workplace Disparities (Essay Sample)


The case study provides an opportunity to examine human resource management cases. It centers on a company that demonstrates unfair treatment towards people of color and women compared to their white colleagues. The study suggests policy alternatives and solutions to address workplace disparities, providing recommendations to senior leadership on handling diversity concerns and observations within the company.


Case Study
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Executive Summary
The case study offers an avenue to analyze cases in human resource management. It is mainly about a company where people of color and women are treated unfairly compared to their white-employee counterparts. Policy alternatives and recommendations address the issue within the organization's workplace. Several recommendations are made to the senior leadership to address the issue and handle the concerns and observations of the diversity in the company. These include a reshuffle in the top management to ensure it includes people of color, women, and white. Besides, on-job training is recommended, including the subject of diversity, to ensure the problem does not recur within the company. Another recommendation is for the management of human resources to embrace equity theory to ensure fair treatment of all the employees within the organization. In conclusion, the recommendations are structured so that they do not target a specific individual but collectively aim to address a prevalent issue.
Module 4 Case Study Assignment
Scope of the problem:
According to MacMahon & O’Brien (2019), diversity refers to a concept that makes references to the differences among individuals. For instance, collective diversity is often linked to social groups such as sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnicity, race, and gender. Besides, there is a deep level of individual diversity, including personal interests, lifestyle, personality, and education. The case study in question intends to analyze a case within human resource management. After that, the knowledge is applied to crafting holistic solutions that address the real issues within organizational workplaces. As a 

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