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Pros and Cons of Delegating Company Responsibilities (Essay Sample)


The task was to discuss the pros and cons of delegating company responsibilities. The sample discussed the pros of delegating responsibilities, such as freeing executives to perform strategic planning, motivating subordinates, and quickening decisions. The sample also discussed the cons of delegating responsibilities, such as reduced authority and the reluctance of subordinates to assume roles.


Delegating Company Responsibilities
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Delegating Company Responsibilities
Delegation entails assigning authority and responsibility to subordinate personnel to free top managers to perform complex operations. Consequently, it transfers authority from the superior to subordinate staffs to ensure that all company operations run smoothly (Sev, 2017). The top managers often delegate responsibilities to departmental heads, who run operations in lower divisions. Although delegation facilitate the smooth running of operations, it sometime poses challenges, limiting its effective integration.
The main pros of delegating responsibilities in a company are freeing executives to perform strategic planning, motivating subordinates, and quickening decisions. Primarily, delegation focuses on assigning simpler and direct roles to junior administrators to allow the executives to engage in strategic operations (Kimemia & Makira, 2018). In essence, the

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