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Reforms are Necessary in the UN Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Reforms are Necessary in the UN


Reforms are Necessary in the UN
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The UN is an intergovernmental organization which was created to promote cooperation in the international scene. It was created to replace the League of Nations which was unable to manage the atrocities which occurred during the World War 2. Although it has been inspiring humanity for over seven decades by now, the UN needs to undergo significant urgent reforms within if it were to remain relevant going into the future and globally. In the face of globalization, drastic UN reforms are inevitable and necessary so as to enhance credibility, accountability, transparency and strengthen effectiveness of the institution as a multilateral organization (Beigbeder, 2016). With the rising threat of unconventional global security threats, UN should be reformed to increase international cooperation in the fight against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction (Kaldor, 2013). The UN does not does not replicate the multi-polar world that is needed because its leadership delineates key countries.
The membership of the UN is not constitutive of all the regions in the world. In times of crisis, most of the intervention groups and key decisions are made by people who are not from the affected regions. This is why the UN is often accused of being imperial. There should be efforts to reform and modernize the membership to the UN so there can be a greater and effective regional representation. The world today is moving shifting from unipolarity to multipolarity, and thus the regressive and outdated power of veto in the Security Council needs to be reformed for the betterment of humanity. The dynamic and protracted refugees’ crisis calls reforms within the UN to accommodate increasing humanitarian issues facing the world today.
The UN was created to promote and maintain international security and peace while promoting and safeguarding human rights, enhancing both social and economic development, safeguarding the environment and offering humanitarian assistance and solutions. Reforms to the current ineffective and bureaucratic structure of the UN Security Council should be done with great urgency (Beigbeder, 2016). The inefficiencies in the UN Security Council render it highly impotent and incapable of dealing with various catastrophic humanitarian crises. The UN should consider adopting reforms which allow the institution to deal with modern dynamic security and humanitarian crises of today and those of tomorrow. If the council really wants international cooperation...
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