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The Organization System- Culture and Human Resource (Essay Sample)

The Organization System- Culture and Human Resource Name: Institution: Date: The Organization System- Culture and Human Resource Human resource management involves handling employee requirements and expectations in an efficient manner that ensures the organization’s objectives are met. In human resource management, duties such as employee interviews recruitment, training and payment are addressed. There are theories employed that analyze the processes and results of different techniques employed in human resource management. Resource based theory of a firm applies strategic decision-making policies that place emphasis in human resource as a tool for gaining a competitive edge in a business environment. Resource-based Theory of the Firm Requirements For the resource-based theory to produce desired results, certain requirements have to be met in the human resource environment. In particular, four requirements will be discussed. First the human resource section needs to provide value to the firm .There must be a demand for different types of skill sets. With existence of the demand, the management can bring in different types of workers varying in skillsets to fill the demand. This workforce will provide value to the firm since the labor is required. The second requirement is maintaining of unique resources. For the business to gain a competitive edge through human resource, only the elite should be recruited. A workforce that has highly talented individuals will have a competitive advantage over other firms therefore it is important that the criteria for recruitment be of high standards. The third requirement is for the internal resources to avoid substitutes of mechanisms that can be developed by competing firms. Take for instance a company that has a great pool of human resources that provide a competitive advantage over other firms. If a competing firm that was recently behind in output productivity due to a low pool of talent in human resource suddenly develops technology that is able to exceed output of competing firms, then it will beat the other firms. It is therefore important for companies to employ strategies in human resource that cannot be substituted. The fourth requirement is application of human resource practices that cannot be duplicated. In a well-structured human resource framework, the organizational culture analyses the specific requirements and goals of the organization and cannot be duplicated (Wright & McMahan, 1992 P. 310) Organization Assessment My organization is an IT firm that specializes in manufacture of digital media devices. The organization has strong work ethics and organization culture is emphasized. The result of this is that the human resource body provides a competitive advantage over other IT firms. The organizational culture aligns the human resource with the company’s goals and the values that the staff portrays are a clear reflection of the firm’s beliefs. The human resource culture cannot be duplicated by other firms for competitive advantage since it is customized for the individual firm requirements (Andrew, 1998 P. 14) The IT firm has unique distribution channels for its products, which ensure that the products reach the consumers within the shortest time possible. The company has arrangements with transport companies whereby they share resources and in turn transport charges translated to the consumers are minimal. This unique practice invoked by the human resource section places the company steps ahead of its competition. The digital media devices however are similar to products manufactured by competing firms and although slight modifications are made, the production process is not imitable. Competing firms can practice reverse engineering and adapt the exact production process that the human resource body utilizes. The practices of the human resource section of the IT firm cannot be substituted by other practices or technologies applied by competing firms. This is because all competing firms use similar technologies in their organizations and the production process cannot be substituted. Implication of Applied Requirements on Success of Organization Synchronizing organizational culture with business strategies have enabled the company to ensure that its practices are not duplicated by other firms and even if a competing firm tries to adapt the ...
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