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Training And Development Management Essay Research (Essay Sample)


***Please answer each section using 200 words or more***
*Compare and contrast Lewin's change management model and Kotter's eight-step change model. Which do you believe is more effective? Why?
*Discuss why those in the human resource development positions are in a prime position to facilitate the change process. How can they develop employee trust in the change process?
*Although change can be positive overall, it can also end poorly. How can the obstacles of change be overcome?
Explain using detail and examples.
*Why is change so difficult to implement within an organization? What are the reasons people resist change, and what can an organization do to ensure change is well-received and permanent?


Training and Development
Author Note
Training and Development
Organizational change is crucial to ensure growth and increase productivity in the highly competitive business world. The practical implementation of change creates an organizational culture that promotes high productivity and quality products and services. Organizational change, at times, is challenging to implement because people fear that they might lose something of value in the process, or they will not quickly adapt to the new ways. Nevertheless, change remains at the center of development in the dynamic business environment.
Comparison and Contrast between Lewin’s Change Model and Kotter’s Eight-Step Model
Lewin's model of change involves the implementation of three phases: unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. The model ensures that change co-occurs, rather than quickly (Hussain, et al., 2016). The planning involves the identification of individuals and groups within an organization, whose input is necessary for the change. The unfreezing phase allows employees to identify their routine activities, unlearn bad practices, and create new strategies to meet objectives. The change phase involves investment in resource allocation, redefining responsibilities. The refreezing phase gives employees the opportunity to adapt to the adjustments and take full advantage of the change (Hussain, et al., 2016)

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