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Volva Company Organizational Structures and Work Practices (Essay Sample)


A case study on volva company


A Case Study on Volva Company
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Question 1
Volva is one of the companies in Kuwait which has utilized the issues concerning effective communications, it has stimulated the task to heart when carrying out task towards achieving the virtual teams and making them so effective. The important worldwide impression of the manufacturing in about 19 nations as well as sales in over 180 nations, there are about 12000 workforces and half of them are information employees, the Volva information technology is seeking to provide support to the virtual team for efficiency worldwide. The main mission for enhancing the efficiency of the virtual team in the organization is to support the team by forming efficient ways of collaborating as well as communicating to achieve the objectives in business.
The virtual team can be as the collection of people who are participating together for a common project, they accomplish this by joining their efforts to attain the common objectives as well as goals. Such people are performing jobs and tasks in a virtual environment of work which developed and sustained by information technology as well as software technologies.
Organizational structure
Various requirements can support the virtual team's success. There are various resource policies for recognizing, supporting as well as rewarding the virtual team leaders and members, training is also important when initiating the virtual team as well as continually. There is a receptive organizational culture as well as continued management support. Some of the researchers are emphasizing the obligation of providing the teams with receptive as well as robust services required by the virtual team for them to work effectively. Also, more focus is paid on teamwork as well as technology enthusiasm, the previous experience is postulated to be the main issue before implementing the virtual team. They are responsible for highlighting the need for the company to gain prior experience in teamwork technology before the implementation of the virtual teams. They include technology readiness as well as collaboration readiness.
Work practice
This part is outlining the requirements to establish a better environment that provides successful support teaming. This includes giving out chances for interacting that can be a substitute to the ones who have the experience of the traditional team setting, making the activities of each member more visible, the progress of work as well as availability. Support is provided to various means of work; a specific environment is provided that is operating as incorporate services since it is supporting several people who are engaging in various critical activities. Using this specific framework of priorities, the addition of one-to-one associations is recommended where necessary, especially in the time of virtual team lifecycles as well as their establishment, when it becomes possible to communicate and share the mission, vision as well as goals.

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