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Week 2: Discussion: Supporting an Inclusive Environment in the Workplace (Essay Sample)

In your initial post, discuss how you can initiate an organization-wide conversation about effectively supporting an inclusive environment where employees are safe, happy, and productive in their work. What might some of those first steps be to influence an improved workplace? If you have worked in an environment with an inclusive environment, provide some concrete examples. If not, what did that mean for you as an employee? In your responses, address the examples of inclusive or non-inclusive work environments described in the initial posts. Have you had similar experiences? For workplace environments that needed improvement, what would you have recommended for that to happen? Discussion Board Instructions: Preparation: Read the materials assigned in Supervision Matters to prepare your reflections on the questions asked. Directions: Thoroughly respond to the discussion prompt that has been provided. Your response should have an explicit thesis or specific point(s) that you are making that is/are clearly articulated (in contrast to a stream of consciousness, personal format), and it should explicitly connect to the readings and media of the week. Many of the prompts are multifaceted: Be sure to address all of the aspects of the prompts. Your initial post should be 300-350 words, using complete sentences and proper syntax, spelling, and grammar. Textbook citation: Sever, R. (2016). Chapter 12. In Supervision matters: 100 bite-sized ideas to transform you and your team. She Writes Press. source..
Supporting an Inclusive Environment Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Number and Name Instructor’s Name Assignment Due Date Supporting an Inclusive Environment There are a variety of strategies that could be applied in initiating conversations with groups, such as a team of employees. Firstly, I would make the organization’s workers feel like I care by making their thoughts a priority, asking questions about their feelings, and mentioning some of the most important subjects in the case. Besides, I would not ask too many questions and request the individuals within the group for their desires. In doing so, I could be creating a good platform for a shared conversation surrounding the need for an inclusive environment with key priorities such as employee safety, satisfaction, and productivity. One of the critical steps required to improve the workplace is good communication. Every individual is required to listen and share their thoughts openly with others. If this may not be possible, a solid culture can be created in which everyone's idea is incorporated in actions such as the decision-making process. Besides, improving the workplace would call for fostering a great work-life balance and teamwork amongst the employees (Sever, 2016). This would motivate them and discourage resentment, horrible levels of motivation, and low productivity. Further, having a cooperative environment would call for employees who value social interactions, support, and appreciation and exhibit the recommended values that foster the desired organizational culture. I have worked in an ...
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