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Effects of Personality on Memory (Essay Sample)


this sample was an essay on how personality affects the memory of a person. students were supposed to come up with various reasons why they think personality affects the memory of a person and how the memory is affected. they were supposed to conduct research on the subject and produce a well-cited job. those who went a step further and came up with different types of memories and how different personalities affect the different types of memories were on the right track. in essence, personality affects one's emotions which affect their memories.


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Effects of personality on memory
Different personality traits exist. Individuals behave differently according to what traits they possess (Mayo, 1983). Personality influences one’s thoughts and emotions which influences their memory. Personality traits are the unique characteristics that define an individual. They determine; how visible the emotional experiences of an individual are, the tiny details of the emotional memories they can remember and the effects the memories have on them (Mathews, 1988). Research has shown emotion has a great impact on the cognition capabilities of an individual and that the impact varies greatly depending on the personal qualities of a person (Haas & Canli, 2008). This research focuses on the role of personality traits in influencing emotion to determine the memory of an individual.
(Dolcos et al. 2010) established that emotional occurrences were well remembered as compared to events with no emotional attachments. Long-term episodic memory (EM) e.g., memory for certain events were hugely influenced by emotions and working memories (WM) like manipulation of information-where emotions are shown as the distraction that interferes with an individual’s focus on the task going on- were influenced to some extent. As stated earlier, personality affects a person’s emotions which affect their memory. Therefore, there are opposing effects of emotion on memory and they are influenced by biases in attention and the emotion processing linked to the general personalities of a person.
Extraversion is a trait characterized by high openness and interaction with the disposition to enjoy positive affect and is connected with an inclination towards positive information (John and Srivastava 1999). This implies that extraversion is associated with better memory performance (Stephen et al. 2020). Neuroticism and anxiety on the other hand are traits distinguished by increased sensitivity and 

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