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Marginalized Muslims Psychology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Describe this population as it relates to the broader American society


Marginalized Muslims





Marginalized Muslims

Muslims are one of the marginalized groups of people in America as a consequence of widespread misconceptions about their religious beliefs, traditions, and practices. Moreover, perceived ties to terrorism have created socialization challenges for the Muslims living in America as most people treat them with suspicion. Growing suspicion has contributed to the rise of Islamophobia in the United States. Hence, the rise of Islamophobia necessitates an impartial description of the group’s size, history, stereotypes, rituals, and the causative factors of marginalization as it relates to the broader American society.

A recent estimate of the Muslim population revealed that 3.45 million Muslims reside in America. The figure represents 1.1% of America’s population (Mohamed, 2018). The survey conducted by the Pew Research Center indicated that the population continues to grow. The survey also revealed that the Muslim population in the United States is significantly lower than Jews in America. Nevertheless, the U.S. Muslim population is growing at a higher rate than the America’s Jews population (Beydoun, 2018). Experts estimate that the Muslims will replace the Jewish population as the second-largest spiritual community in America after Christians over the next decade. In concise, the Muslim population is growing faster than the rest of the religious groups in America.


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