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EXEGETICAL ANALYSIS OF ROMANS 8:1-8. Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


Each student will write a 1800-2200-word exegetical analysis essay showing engagement with the Greek text of their selected passage by using relevant Greek language tools. This assignment will build upon the insights, observations, and conclusions of the exegetical assignments in previous modules/weeks of this course, but it will focus especially on working with the text of the passage itself (rather than on the wider literary context, historical context, or application of the passage). The purpose of this assignment is to draw out the meaning of the selected passage of Scripture, incorporating grammatical analysis, lexical analysis, comparison of translations, and evaluation of scholarly conclusions about various details of the selected passage. Students will need to engage with at least 7 scholarly secondary sources, consisting primarily of exegetical commentaries and peer-reviewed journal articles.


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Exegetical Analysis of Romans 8:1-8
Language is dynamic and the meaning in a message may be lost in the process of translating the content to a different language. All the bible verses were derived from an original manuscript that was written in the Greek language and later translated to English first and then to other languages. Romans 8 has been considered by most theologists and bible scholars as one of the greatest books, which requires strict scrutiny of the original message as envisioned by the author - Paul. The descriptiveness of the message in Romans 8, confirms that its target consumers or audience were the first generations Christians or believers in the 1st century. Therefore, before the message can find application in modern-day life prescriptively, it must be first understood as was intended by the author – descriptively, which is the primary objective of exegesis. This report intends to rely on the various tools of the Greek language to decode the original message in Paul’s letter to the Romans in Romans 8:1-8 to its consumers, as was envisioned by its author.[McFadden, K.W., 2009. The fulfillment of the law's dikaiōma: another look at Romans 8: 1-4. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, 52(3), p.483.]
Romans 8:1-2
The message in Romans 8:1-2 can be summarized into key parts like: ‘Spirit of Life Liberates the Believer.’ In the first part of the message, Paul wanted to address the difference between the Jewish and Gentile Christians, especially their observance of the Torah. Also, Paul intended to create awareness of his doctrine in Rome to secure a legacy and following in Rome where He was trying to establish a base in the West as well as worldwide. Lastly, Paul intended to feed the spiritual needs of Christians with the message in Romans 8, as well as, silence the internal wrangles and dissenting voices.[McFadden, K.W., 2009. The fulfillment of the law's dikaiōma: another look at Romans 8: 1-4. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, 52(3), p.483.]

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