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The Role of the Gods in the Facts and Fiction. Religion & Theology (Essay Sample)


the task was to research on the roles of gods in the facts and fiction narrative. the sample portrays the different roles played by the gods in the facts and fiction in relation to religious teachings


The Role of the gods in the Facts and Fiction
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The Role of the gods in the Facts and Fiction
In the facts and fiction, gods were viewed to play different roles. The roles were critical in making the generation believe that indeed, what is being discussed is true. For instance, looking at the religious matters, gods were necessary for making the faithful to believe that the religion was real and that there will be consequences for not trusting in the existence of a supernatural being. The paper is going to discuss some of the roles played by the gods in the facts and fiction.
Gods play a role of protecting their people from any attacks. Looking at the Odyssey when Odysseus was on a journey to the Pallas Athena city, we are told that along the way, the goddess appeared and shielded her from any hero would come her way to harm. In this story the goddess served the protection role played by many gods to save their people from various circumstances (Homer, 1996).
Gods are seen to offer guidance to their people. Odysseus was on a journey to the city to look for the palace which was the home to the king. While on the journey to the city, the girl did not know where the place was located, she was going there to see and see is she will be able to locate it. When the goddess appeared to her, the girl asked the goddess is she could show her the palace where the king stayed. In response, the goddess agreed to direct the girl to the very place she was looking for. For instance, the goddess said, “I’ll show you the very palace that you’re after.” Were it not for the intervention of the goddess to guide the girl, it would have been difficult for her to locate the palace (Homer, 1996).
 After all the miracles which were performed in the church in the name of God, Bethea says that she regretted about the original article she had written concerning the existence of God, (O'Sullivan, 2012). She claimed to have written an article against Christianity and the presence of god before witnessing the miracles performed by God worshipped by the Christians. In this way, we realize that it was after seeing the works of god that she realized that there was a god who worked in the lives of his people. She even came to a position of apologizing to anybody she might have offended by writing the article.

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