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Religion & Theology
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My place of worship Religion & Theology Essay Research (Essay Sample)


A brief description on my place of worship


My Place of Worship
A church is a place of worship for religious people who follow the Christian doctrines. The church has existed in centuries ever since Jesus ascended into heaven. However, there are various denominations among Christians from Protestants to Catholics (Moberg, 1962). This paper will focus on the community church that I attend and the impacts it has on the people around.
Being a staunch Catholic, I attend the local Catholic church. The church has over 1000 believers who attend the masses every week on a Sunday. It is set up at a segregated common ground in the area with thousands of people living around. The architecture design is the Roman Catholic’s. The seats are wooden, arranged in synchronized rows and columns. There is the presence of a crucifix of Jesus Christ. There is also a sculpture of Mary, the mother of Jesus, next to the altar. From the outside, you can tell the building is a place of worship characterized by a sizeable holy cross sculpture at the entrance as well as a large furnished doorway.
From my home to the church is a distance of 1 mile. Usually, the trek to the church does it, but occasionally we drive there, especially when we are late for masses. The church is a vital part of my life. Being raised in a Christian family, one doesn’t have a choice as they grow up other than upholding Christian morals and values. The church has made me the person that I am today. It has always been a guide of how I should set up my life as par the view of society. There are specific rules that, as a Christian, I’ve had to follow. It is now near impossible to veer away from the church.

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