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Islamic Beliefs Concerning Darwin’s Theory Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


Discussion of the art of darwin's theory on the origin of humanity


Relating Islamic Religious Beliefs to Darwin’s Theory
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Islamic Beliefs Concerning Darwin’s Theory
Darwin’s theory about evolution and the origin of human beings have always attracted controversial debates from scholars, theorists, researchers, and religious doctrines. The theory has since its emergence triggered a range of reactions, especially among conservative Christians and Muslims. The responses to the proposition from the Islamic perspective has included views from traditionalist scholars, who believe in a flat earth and creates a contradiction with Muslim opinions from the West who think that Islam does not contradict Darwinian Theory. Edis points out that creationism from the Islamic context can be complicated since the Quran does not explain clearly theistic views of human existence, as seen from the Bible. However, probing Evolutionary Theory from the Islamic approach reveals that Islam agrees with some part of Darwin’s Theory, especially the ideology that all humans descended from a common ancestor, but still disagrees with other aspects of the theory.

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