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Review Assignment: The Approach Employed in the Article (Essay Sample)


THIS PAPER WAS AN ARTICLE REVIEW OF THE article:” Beyond conditionality: International Institutions in Post-Communist Europe after enlargement” pages 795-805. By Rachel A Epstein and Ulrich Sedelmeier.


Article Review
Article Review
This paper seeks to critically review some of the element of the article “Beyond conditionality: International Institutions in Post-Communist Europe after enlargement.” (Epstein & Sedelmeier, 2008).
The Author’s Main Argument
The author's main argument revolves around the fact that most of the international institutions in the world utilize ultimatums to influence the various states to conform to or promote a certain policy consideration (Epstein & Sedelmeier, 2008). Most often these ultimatums or conditions are usually associated with the various pertinent things that a state requires. The international organizations, therefore, use this loophole to portray their capability to assist a state but will require another thing in return.
The Approach Employed in the Article
In order investigate the underlying problem in this article; the author employed a qualitative research method. This method involved making a hypothesis and tailoring his research towards validating the hypothesis that he formed about the problem. The hypothesis formed was referred to as the conditionality hypothesis (Epstein & Sedelmeier, 2008). This hypothesis provided that in order to highlight the decrease in the influence of international institutions, a person needed to look at the new member states, the post-communist countries which border the European Union and finally the candidate countries such as Balkans and Turkey (Epstein & Sedelmeier, 2008).
The Quality of Supporting Evidence
There are pertinent areas that support the hypothesis that was formulated. The first are is the acquis communautaire (Epstein & Sedelmeier, 2008). This highlights the manner with which the international institutions within the European Union sanction member states in the event of non-compliance with various policy ...
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