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Community Collaboration Project Analysis: Approach for the Assessment (Essay Sample)


Prepare and submit a 5–7 page paper that identifies and analyzes the characteristics and needs of the various participants in your community collaboration. The paper should include a detailed discussion of each participant's role in the community, his or her connection to the target problem, and methods you will use to engage participants in the collaborative process


Community Collaboration
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Community collaboration project analysis
Designing a project such as the construction of a school requires the participation of all stakeholders for success. For that reason, in the case of Bowie high that is planning to extend its infrastructure by building a second high school, the participation of students, parents, constructors and the local authority as the stakeholders of the project is of utmost important. In their inclusion in the project, it is necessary identifying the role of each stakeholder in the project and the community. After which, the evaluation of the relation of the party to the problems that necessitates the initiation of the project should follow. The subsequent phase entails the identification of the mode of coordination in facilitating the accomplishment of the goal of the project. Given that the design and construction of a second high school at Bowie requires community collaboration, the article will utilize the Metterssich text guidelines in conducting the evaluation. The objective is to ensure the building of a sustainable structure that meets the needs of all parties who will use the facility either directly or indirectly.
Approach for the assessment of the project
The evaluation of the characteristic of the participants is mandatory as the first step to ensuring that the goals of the project corroborate with the needs of the stakeholders. Afterward, the process that is advanced is the identification of the role of the stakeholders. Then, the connection of the stakeholder to the target problems takes place. Consequently, the assessment identifies the method for engaging the stakeholders in a collaborative process.
For the building project in Bowie high in Prince Georgia’s County, Maryland, the first category of stakeholder is school children who will utilize the facility, as their environment. The characteristics of the stakeholder are that they have low influence but high interest in the plan to increase learning facilities at Bowie. They are the indirect promoters of the project. Their role is communicating to the organizers of their project their needs in terms of classroom facility and requirement for open spaces. The students also have the responsibility of helping is designing the project by presenting proposal that will ease task accomplishment. The needs of the students are sufficient space for participating in play among many other entertaining activities that make learning worthwhile. In the advancement of the project, the students are flexible and require facilities that improve learning. They relate directly to the problem of congestion since the condition makes attainments of the goals of learning difficult. The students will be engaged in convincing their parents to provide support for the construction of the school. The group can also advance studies that aid in the identification of the merits and disadvantages of the project.
Communicating the goals of the project to the students will entail the utilization of a combination of tactics. The first approach will entail using the teachers to convey the message about the plan to the students. School parade will equally serve as the platform for the conveyance of the message to the students. Management reports can also facilitate the process. The purpose of sharing the message is to minimize the possibility of conflict arising from the utilization of the infrastructure (Aas, Ladkin, & Fletcher, 2005). Land is the critical resources for use in the project since Bowie high school has exceeded the recommended limit by operating at 130%. Under ordinary circumstance, the limitation should not exceed 100% hence the premise for the extension of the facility through the construction of a second high school.
The second group of stakeholders is parents of the students attending schooling at Bowie. They are responsible for catering for the needs of the students by offering monetary support in learning. They have a huge stake in the construction as the link between the teachers, the constructionists, and the students. Their influence is high and interest also high. Their duties include contributing funds for the expansion project and advising the designers of the project on the ideals ways of streamlining the construction projects. Parents can equally help in forecasting the needs of the school for the years to come as they are affected by problems that alt learning at Bowie. Communicating to the group is critical in facilitating harmonization of the goals of the administration and the interest of all other stakeholders in the project. The approach utilized can entail the use of reports and meeting in which the group is informed about the advancement of the project. Project designers can equally use audiovisual images in communicating the process of construction and expectation to the group.
Local residents
The residents in the neighborhood are also part of the stakeholders of the project since they are directly affected by the developments in the school. Some of them can also be parents or teachers as well as representative of local organizations. The characteristic of the group is that they have high influence and low interest in the project. The school will conduct forums as the platform for sharing with the group information about the project. The purpose of communicating with the representatives of the local authorities is ensuring compliance with the legal stipulation (Aas, Ladkin, & Fletcher, 2005). The project takes place in their neighborhood and as such the law requires communication in advance when planning for projects of such magnitude as the school. The subsequent basis for communication is ensuring that the representatives of the local authorities conduct checks to approve the project. Provision of expertise advice can also follow. Accuracy in communication also helps in the identification of crucial areas that may pose glitch to the enactment of the project.
The characteristic of teacher as stakeholder is that they demand space to facilitate accomplishment of their duties which is teaching students. The teachers as the primary stakeholders should seek to ensure compliance with the legal stipulations. Their interest and influence are high as they relate to the problem encountered by students seeking education at Bowie high school. The project directly affects the group as they conduct teaching in the environment where the project will take place. The teacher’s role is communicating to the students the expectation in the initiation of the process. They also liaise with the...
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