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Environment Policy Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The paper required a handbill about any environmental policy of your choice. This provides a handbill on climate change


Environmental Policy
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The Montreal Protocol Act
Climate change is the greatest threat to environmental destruction and human health. The earth’s climatic conditions are gradually changing due to global warming. The global temperatures are rising every year. The single cause of global warming is the emission greenhouse gases that damage the Ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere. The Montreal protocol Act is essential in promoting a reduction of greenhouse gases emission into the atmosphere. The policy requires all countries to enforce a fast phase out of class I chemicals and gradual phase out of class II chemicals.
The implementation of the Montreal Protocol Policy is significant to everyone across the globe. If the policy is not implemented entirely, we might continue experiencing global warming which affects our lives in different aspects. Natural habitats are being destroyed when wildfires are triggered by heat waves cause by climate change. The wildfires experienced across the American West are attributed to effects of increasing heat and changes in rain and snow patterns. Secondly, climate change increases instances of hunger and malnutrition. Climate change has resulted in expanded deserts and delayed rains in some places which negatively affect food production, (Verma & Mehra, 2020). For example, climate change is affecting agricultural activities in Sub-Sahara Africa pushing more people to poverty and hunger.

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