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Gambling Social Sciences Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


Write an essay on such an issue as gambling.
1. Provide the description of this social issue.
2. Analyze how this issue is discussed in the field of sociology. Which sociological theories are applied to discussing gambling?
3. What do sociologists claim about gambling in the US? What are their arguments?


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Also known as betting, gambling is the wagering of valuables including money, property, service, or anything of value on uncertain events for a win of more value. Three elements that constitute a complete gamble include the consideration that is wagered, the risk or chance of winning, and the prize or amount to be won. At the end of a bet, the participant (s) may win or lose against a gambling company, or other participant (s). The most common forms of gambling include casino games, card games, carnival games, coin-tossing games, dice-based games, confidence tricks, sports betting, and virtual sports. Notably, gambling may take place in legal and regulated environments or illegal and unregulated environments (Young et al., 2020). After participation in gambling for a while, many people become addicted to the game, which becomes a social problem to them. They spend all money and wager property to end up poor. Sociological analyses of gambling link the activity to biological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors.

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