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How Peer Group and Culture Influence Child Development Social Essay (Essay Sample)


THIS WAS AN ESSAY ON How Peer Group and Culture Influence Child Development


How Peer Group and Culture Influence Child Development
How Peer Group and Culture Influence Child Development
Children face various environmental influences as they develop from childhood to adulthood. The influences play a role in shaping their personalities. They include peer pressure, culture, parents, the media, and school. It is important to evaluate a child’s peer relationships since they influence his or herself-concepts and view on the roles each gender plays. Culture is another environmental influence that affects the perceptions of children as they progress to adulthood. Even though peer groups can help children handle various social issues, it has an effect on a child's life as he or she progresses to adulthood because it plays a role in the development of socialization skills, affect their perception of the world, and play a major role in the definition of gender roles.
Children’s relations with their peers play a significant role in their development. They are essential to psychosocial adjustment in years of early childhood and go beyond that to have an influence in later life. Selection effects are based on attitude. Research indicates that individual attitudes predict friend’s attitude in a positive manner (Lee & McLanahan, 2015). Despite the fact that the strength of these attitudes may vary, selection matters in the creation of peer clusters with similar requirements among the children. Therefore, promoting positive selections and relations with peers plays a critical role in the overall development of a child. It boosts social and emotional competency among children in their developmental ages.

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