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Humanitarianism and Volunteerism (Essay Sample)


What are the different normative philosophical and ethical theories that shape the perspectives of authors on the practices of humanitarianism and volunteerism, and how do these theories influence the accountability, justifiability, and efficient use of resources in personal philanthropic endeavors?


Humanitarianism and Volunteerism
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Humanitarianism and Volunteerism
Utilitarianism captures one of the normative philosophical and ethical theories that postulate on and advocate actions that maximize the well-being and happiness of people. Virtue is the moral concept that characterizes the ability and readiness to consciously exhibit righteous qualities that embody human’s moral perfection. Faith, which is mostly a religious inspiration, is having trust and confidence in people, and that God projects equal love to His people (children) and all other creations. The concept of social justice advocates fairness in terms of the allocation of privileges, opportunities, and resources. Charity, on the other hand, is the benevolent act of giving to the underprivileged and suffering individual or groups of people.
The authors of the readings explore different views of donating and volunteering, which informs their beliefs and opinions about the providing for other people. For instance, the themes of utilitarianism and social justice both informs the views of Werhane (2005) in her reading, Focussed Fairness in Philanthropy. The author acknowledges that it is hard to respond to the

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