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Nordic Sustainable Healthcare Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Nordic SUSTAINABLE Healthcare, ethics, sustainable healthcare COVID-19, problems, positive things with the Nordic Healthcare & Sustainable ethics in time of COVID-19.


Nordic Sustainable Healthcare
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Nordic Sustainable Healthcare
Climate change is among the most significant environmental concerns that societies face today. Consequently, it is essential that various sectors take action to curb these challenges, and the healthcare sector is no exception. According to World Health Organization statistics, about 5 percent to 15 percent of the emissions of carbon in developed nations get derived from the services of healthcare. It is thus significant that the sector gets targeted in line with attaining the UN sustainable goals. The Nordics are most likely global frontrunners in sustainable healthcare. By having control of the outputs from the hospital, having set sustainability procedures when procuring devices, and adapting the operations, the impact of the environment is maintained to a minimum. This paper highlights the reasons why Nordic sustainable healthcare gets regarded as necessary by looking at its best practice instances, ethics, ideas, and solutions that can get implemented worldwide, especially during the time of COVID-19.
Keywords: social sustainability, ethics, Nordic healthcare sustainability, Nordic countries
The Nordics are most likely global frontrunners in sustainable healthcare.
Sustainability in Healthcare

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