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Sociological Perspective Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


this paper is about different sociological perspectives that influences people's beliefs, interactions and relationship with the social environment.


Sociological Perspective
Sociological Perspective
Different disciplines offer different perspectives of analyzing world events and activities and their importance on people. Sociology helps in understanding the social concepts underlying human behavior as well as the influence of the society to human behavior CITATION San18 \l 1033 (Nath, 2018). According to Mills (1959), the sociological perspective in the approach to understanding the human behavior and its connection to the broader society. It is the intersection between people and the societal structures they reside in. Mills (1959), further describes it as the relationship between a person and the historical social factors that influence him/her. Importantly, the sociological perspective makes people to analyze their surroundings in a fresh and different. Seeing the new look of the of the world we live in and examining its social environment and personal experiences leads us to understand societal areas, social order and interconnected components that we constantly ignore CITATION CWr59 \l 1033 (Mills, 1959).
There are three theoretical perspectives employed, today, to uniquely conceptualize the society, people’s behavior, and social forces. Namely; the symbolic interactionism which uses different symbols and their meaning to understand human behavior. The second is functionalism which explains the interdependence of different parts of the society and how the society adapts towards them. The third is the conflict theory which focuses on the ever-changing nature of the society which leads to a competition for scarce resources, consequently, making the elites control the weak and poor in the society (Inderbitzin, Bates, & Gainey, 2017).

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