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Pedagogical Interventions for Students with ADHD (Essay Sample)


This week's essay is about the different Pedagogical Interventions for Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Write a four-page essay with at least five(5) credible sources from the syllabus material or the internet.
submit to the class dropbox. No late submissions will be accepted.


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Pedagogical Interventions for Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
In a School, students present different characteristics that distinguish each from their peers. All the students are in school for the same purposes, grow, develop cognitive abilities, create social bonds and acquire competencies and skills. However, the ability to achieve all the targets set by their tutors, school, parents, or themselves differs according to various factors. The ability to learn and memorize learning experiences may be influence by multiple factors such as the learning environment, learning experiences, psychological disorders, quality of delivery by the instructor, or the type of student being taught. All these factors influence the pace at which a student learns during the learning process and determines how they memorize the content. One of the psychological disorders that significantly impact the rate at which students learn is Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD).
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most prevalent conditions that affect students in the united states. According to CDC (2020) research, approximately 9.4% of children below the age of seventeen years have ADHD. Furthermore, boys have an increased chance of having ADHD, with their positivity rate being 12.9%comparede to girls at 5.6%. These results from the study indicate an increased need for more educational research to address the increased cases of ADHD among learners.
Instructional Design and Lesson Planning
Psychological themes and concepts have played a crucial role in addressing the plight of students with ADHD in our school system. Learning for students with ADHD is a strenuous process that, if not well managed, may affect the student mentally, socially, and academically if not well addressed. For tutors to effectively help these students learn, the instructional design and lesson plan should cater to all needs of such a student while still accommodating the rest of the students. Effective instructional designs allow for learning experiences that enhance the cognitive ability of students with ADHD as well as the other students.
Effective instructional designs and lesson plans aim to develop learners' learning experiences and ensure that learners achieve the set competencies and skills. Students with ADHD have a short span of attention and require learning experiences that capture their attention, make learning easy, and ultimately impart skills and competencies. One such learning experience is the use of android games for students with ADHD. According to a study by Agustini et al. (2020), the use of android games and game technology, students with ADHD were was able to motivate them, increase knowledge, increase their concentration and competencies, and ultimately create effective learning.
The second example of a learning experience for students with ADHD is the use of creative class projects to help the student learn. Studies have shown that there is a significant correlation among students with ADHD and an increased sense of creativity and initiative. Such creative class projects include portfolio showcasing and creating new endings to stories we all know. Another learning experience is the use of role-playing. Students with or without SADHD improve their self-concept upon involvement in role-playing activities (Shirazi et al., 2017). This learning experience should be incorporated in lesson plans and instructional designs to enhance students' self-concept with or without ADHD. Through the learning strategies, competencies and skills are quickly assessed and demonstrated through the same learning strategies.
Learning Environment
The learning process is highly influenced by the learning environment where the learning experiences take place. Various factors such as the participants' culture, geographical location, the context of learning, and instructions form the environment in which students learn. Students with ADHD are highly affected by the learning environment that they are within. Factors that influence the learning environment include the learning objectives, student ability to concentrate, learning experiences, activities available in the learning environment to support learning, and the outcome assessment strategies used. According to Low (2021), children with ADHD constantly seek novelty in all activities they participate in and like high-interest activities. Moreover, they learn best in engaging activities in both school and home environments.
Numerous methods can be integrated into the learning environment of students with ADHD to increase their attention span, motivate them and ensure that they improve their competencies and skills. One of the technologies that have helped students learn from home and at school is audiobooks. According to a study done by Nagasharmila & Hema(2019), digital technology such as audiobooks and word processors helped students increase their interest in reading more books. Increased attention on academic material can help improve learning; hence application of such technology is helpful to students with ADHD.
Moreover, reminders swerve a crucial role to students with attention deficiency. Instead of constantly issuing prompts to students with ADHD, tutors can provide them with digital reminders such as watches and other vibrating devices. The students can program themselves adequately using customized reminders from their devices. These digital technology devices can help revert attention to critical learning processes that the student is involved in before they were distracted. Digital technology used by students with ADHD requires balance and constant monitoring from tutors to ensure they align with the lesson plans and instructional design.
Instructional Delivery and Facilitation
Student outcomes are overly reliant on the instructional delivery and facilitation by the tutors. According to Basckin et al. (2021), various instructional delivery and teaching methods produce positive outcomes for students with mental conditions such as ADHD. However, their effectiveness may be affected by the attitude of the tutor towards the practice. Th

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