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PovAid Human Services Agency (Essay Sample)


Students should show understanding they understand a social problem that would be addressed by a human services agency. Students should create a hypothetical agency, discuss agency’s mission, goals, objectives. Students should be able to integrated the first two parts of the paper with one another, using the social problem. Students need to make a hypothesis about the way interventions will be carried out. (Theories used) Finally list and discuss specific services the Agency has created.


Human Services Agency
PovAid Human Services Agency
PovAid is a human service agency (HSA) that aims at alleviating poverty in Africa. PovAid serves as the foundation for various international departments, each with a unique role in improving the lives of poor Africans. Together we develop our wellbeing by providing intitatives to support, value, and connect children and adults. PovAid provides financial assistance, employment, health care, and protective services through our dedicated professionals.

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