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Risk Assessment Paper Social Sciences Essay Coursework (Essay Sample)


The requirement for this assignment is to conduct a risk assessment of a real or fictional facility or
building. This paper must be at least nine (9) pages and adhere to the stated policies for assignments.
There are two models described in your Course Resource section (modules) which is in Course Content.
Use the more simple process, the FEMA model outlined in the FEMA publication, Risk Assessment: A
How-to Guide to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings. Your paper will consist of an
explanation of each step of the process as it relates to the facility of your choice. The process consists of
the following steps:
threat identification and rating
asset value assessment
vulnerability assessment


Risk Assessment
Student’s Name
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc57169721 \h 3Overview PAGEREF _Toc57169722 \h 4A.Threat Identification and Rating PAGEREF _Toc57169723 \h 4a)Identifying the threats PAGEREF _Toc57169724 \h 5b)Collecting Information PAGEREF _Toc57169725 \h 7c)Threat Design Basis PAGEREF _Toc57169726 \h 8d)Primary Threats PAGEREF _Toc57169727 \h 8e)Threat rating PAGEREF _Toc57169728 \h 9B.Asset Value Assessment PAGEREF _Toc57169729 \h 9a)Layers of Defense PAGEREF _Toc57169730 \h 9b)Critical Assets PAGEREF _Toc57169731 \h 10c)Core functions of the facility and infrastructures PAGEREF _Toc57169732 \h 10d)Asset Value Rating PAGEREF _Toc57169733 \h 11C.Vulnerability Assessment PAGEREF _Toc57169734 \h 11a)Facility Evaluation PAGEREF _Toc57169735 \h 11b)Vulnerability Portfolio PAGEREF _Toc57169736 \h 12c)Vulnerability Rating PAGEREF _Toc57169737 \h 13D.Risk Assessment PAGEREF _Toc57169738 \h 13a)Risk Assessment Matrix PAGEREF _Toc57169739 \h 13b)Risk ratings PAGEREF _Toc57169740 \h 14E.Mitigation Options PAGEREF _Toc57169741 \h 14a)Preliminary Mitigation Options PAGEREF _Toc57169742 \h 14b)Reviewing Mitigation Options PAGEREF _Toc57169743 \h 14c)Mitigation Options PAGEREF _Toc57169744 \h 15Reference PAGEREF _Toc57169745 \h 16
Facilities are prone to certain levels of risks related to or associated with various types of threats. The threat is defined as that which can result in damage in one way or the other. The damage or loss is more particularly associated with assets in an organization. Threats to asset value occur in various ways, including circumstances or events. There are various types of threats that could lead to the loss of assets' value or even result in damage. This may be human-made, technological, or event result from terrorism. The three types of threats differ from the natural threat as they are a consequence of human activities. Technological threats are considered to be unconscious and unintended. However, human-made hazards are conscious and intended in most cases. On the other hand, terrorism is a form of threat that results from the illegal employment of violence. Terrorist acts are directed towards people or property to effect intimidation to an organization or a government.
Identifying the potential threats to a facility like a building is a critical aspect. This is because assessing threats and the damages they pause to the facility helps prepare efforts to mitigate them before they occur. Therefore, identifying threats enables the facility managers to formulate proactive efforts that consequently help prevent the loss of revenue and damage to resources in the facility (Santella, 2011). This paper covers a risk assessment of terrorist threats. As the manager in a warehouse facility dedicated to hosting various commodities, it is vital to conduct a risk assessment. The Galaxy warehouse holds import supplies and covers vast space. The warehouse facility's vast area is designed to host imports like medical supplies, food, and agricultural products and beverages.

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