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Sexual Assault Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The task was to show reasons why there is increased number of sexual assault in the military.


Sexual Assault in the Military
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Sexual Assault in the Military
Sexual harassments and assaults is an ongoing issue that has received a great concern as the number of sexually assaulted military taskforces keeps growing. Though this vice continues, most of the cases have been kept secret making this vice unnoticed. Factually, this vice has been ongoing as some studies have proved these allegations. For example, a study by Pentagon revealed that approximately 26, 000 of military women and men in the U.S Army were sexually assaulted and only a figure of 3,374 cases were reported (2012) (Jindra, 2019). In the subsequent year (2013) a new study by pentagon showed that 5,061 military troops reported cases of sexual assaults. As the study suggests, it is therefore important for the military leaders of higher ranks to point out on the causes, recommendations and methods or ways to help reduce or end sexual harassments and assaults. Therefore, this study will highlight on those areas.
There are many reasons to why sexual assaults increase in the military field. One cause of sexual assault rankles in the army is its leadership structure as reported by some of the former male and female soldiers who undergone sexual assaults while they still served in the military (Skaine, 2015). In the armed forces, sexual attacks are dealt with within the sequence of power. This means that a victim’s authoritative officer is capable to intervene at all times. That means, the commanding officer can end an investigation, end conviction and reduce a prison term. The Army leadership structure offers a strong encouragement for commanders to shun trailing sexual assaults accusations in their positions as it can harm their professions.

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