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Russel, the Problem of Philosophy Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


a review of bertrand Russel's views on the problem of philosophy, metaphics and the nature of the universe based on his work, The problems of philosophy (1998) and a comparison between his and kants views on metaphysics


Russell's, “The Problems of Philosophy” Commentary
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Russell's, “The Problems of Philosophy”
So far, in the coverage of this course content, it is apparent that Bertrand Russell lays out a critical case regarding the problems associated with philosophy. We have seen that he attempts to provoke constructive debates and criticism regarding the subject, and he employs his knowledge on things to realize this objective. Before chapter five, Russell provides a comprehensive synthesis of the various forms of knowledge—that of things and that of truths. In chapter five, he focuses on explaining things, and he also provides various forms and dimensions that this knowledge exists in. Among the many arguments he holds, Russell argues that acquittance knowledge forms the primary basis and bedrock for all the knowledge we know. He summarizes and holds that we have an acquaintance in the sensation of data of the outer senses, and these senses are responsible for our overall awareness. Various examples presented, including the case of the 'most long-lived of men,' helps to cement his ideas. He concludes by arguing that the general principles of science are notions that are dependent on the inductive principles and are relatable to our beliefs daily.

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