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Sexual harassment as a health and safety issue Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


the essay delved into the health and safety concerns relating to sexual harassment, mainly in the workplace.


Sexual harassment as a health and safety issue
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Sexual harassment as a health and safety issue
Over the years, the notion of sexual harassment has continued to dominate headlines, besides forming an important part in the feminist and sociological debate (Gerassi, 2015). In organizations, the problem of sexual harassment, though suppressed in many ways, could be serious and problematic, especially when the victims choose to suffer in silence. Indeed, a review of the literature shows that the conceptual understanding of sexual harassment varies due to several factors, such as power relations, institutional factors, group norms, as well as the behavior of the abusers (Gerassi, 2015). Moreover, the personal characteristics of the victims of sexual harassment, including gender, self-esteem, and marital status can influence the perceptions and reactions of harassing behaviors (Carreon et al., 2013). In spite of the underlying reasons, sexual harassment has an impact on the health of the victim, besides being a safety problem in the workplace.

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