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The Role of the Holy See in Global Diplomacy Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


it talks about the role of the pope in global diplomacy.


The Role of the Holy See in Global Diplomacy
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The Role of the Holy See in Global Diplomacy
It is important to consider the role of the Holy See as a part of the diplomatic process, since it is responsible for creating unity among nations. In particular, the Holy See is unique in that it acts as a problem solver, since the Vatican has played a key role as mediator between different parties throughout history. It is beneficial to consider the role of the Holy See in global diplomacy in the context of the past and present; through this lens, it is possible to determine what this means for the future.
To analyze the role of the Holy See in international affairs, it is important to consider the role of the Vatican in early conflict. Furthermore, this information could be utilized to assess the for the future possibility of the involvement of the Holy See in politics and international affairs. It is possible to assess the changing place of Catholicism based on the changing role that the Church has played in European and global history.
When considering the Holy See itself, the people, government, institutions, geography, and history influence the role that it has played in world affairs (Rooney, The Global Vatican: An Inside Look at the Catholic Church, World Politics, and the Extraordinary Relationship between the United States and the Holy See, 2013). According to the United States Department of State, Bureau of Public Affairs, “Vatican City occupies 0.439 square kilometers (109 acres). Some 1000 individuals live within the Vatican's walls, most of whom are Italian or Swiss by nationality. Vatican citizenship usually is accorded only to those who reside in Vatican City by reason of office or employment and, with certain restrictions, to their families.” Thus, Vatican City differs functionally from other cities because all of those who reside within its walls are connected directly to the Church. While the Pope serves as the leader of the Church, the internal affairs associated with leading Vatican City is delegated to the Cardinal Secretary of State, who is the head of the Pontifica

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