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Strengthening Line Managers’ Weaknesses in Human Resource Systems (Essay Sample)


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Strengthening Line Managers’ Weaknesses in Human Resource Systems
The sample is about:
HRM devolution allocation of some conventional HRM functions to line managers who now play critical linkup roles between the c-level suite and employees. Despite their significance, line managers face operational performance challenges. As outlined, deploying the officials is prone to misinterpretation, may raise workplace conflict tendencies, and cause power monopolies


Strengthening Line Managers’ Weaknesses in Human Resource Systems
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Strengthening Line Managers’ Weaknesses in Human Resource Systems
Line managers play a central role in people management and provide crucial links between employees and the c-level suite within organizations. Line managers have evolved the human resource management (HRM) practice where conformist functions, such as planning and supervision, are growingly devolved to non-human resource (HR) professionals. Deploying line managers in conventional HRM functions is fundamental in attaining organizational goals, yet it faces significant challenges. Notably, a high tendency of misinterpreting instructions leading to workplace conflicts and probable power monopolies are active impediments to line managers’ efficacy for businesses to handle.

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