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The 1918-20 Flu and Covid 19 Pandemic Economic Impacts Essay (Essay Sample)


the essay instructions was about comparing the spanish flue and corona virus, and write on the impacts of covid 19


The 1918-20 Flu and Covid 19 Pandemic Economic Impacts
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The 1918-20 influenza flu and Covid 19 are global pandemics that significantly impact the American economy and the political system. Primarily the 1918 influenza epidemic popularly called the Spanish flu (since it was reported first in the Spanish magazine) occurred in three waves. The first influenza wave occurred in March 1918, as well as throughout the same year. The wave out broke at a military camp in a farm estate in Kansas. Later the flu spread with U.S. troops throughout the state and overseas through crowded trains and ships. The flu moved quickly in congested Europe camps and to the East as well as South Asia. This first wave was a minor outbreak and not a major killer. The overwhelming second and third waves appeared at the end of 1918 and the beginning of 1919.
According to Cascella, Rajnik, Cuomo, Dulebohn, & Di Napoli (2020), the Covid 19 disease is caused by a type of coronavirus called SARS-COV-2. Chinese authorities recognized human with Covid 19 symptoms in December 2019. Mainly, the earliest cases of Covid 19 are linked to Wuhan, and the disease has since spread to the rest of the countries in the world. Researchers are uncovering the coronavirus cause, but the main suspected origin of the virus is pangolins and horse bats sold in the Wuhan wet market. The Centers for disease control (CDC) has set measures to prevent and minimize the spread of the disease, such as prevention of public gathering, washing hands regularly with running water, avoiding shaking of hands, quarantine and social distancing.

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