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What does Intelligence depend on? Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


What does Intelligence depend on?


What does Intelligence depend on?
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What does Intelligence depend on?
Human intelligence may be explained as an ability to use and understand skills and knowledge, and talent to make a correlation among a diverse set of acquired knowledge CITATION DeF19 \l 1033 (DeFreitas, 2019). In this regard, understanding of intelligence is purely based on environmental and genetic factors. Does a question arise that how well a child may develop intelligence? A study conducted on neurosciences reveals that tendencies and brain skills are truly based on both nature and nurture (Vaci et al., 2019). Therefore, it is pertinent to state that both factors, namely, nature and nurture are primarily responsible for making a child intelligent. Generally, nurture and nature interact to assess which inherited genes are enhanced and which are suppressed.
Moreover, maternal education and parental intelligence quotient (IQ) are supposed to be relevant factors for the development of healthy intelligence in a child. In this regard, a research study confirms that children whose parents had a poor score in an IQ test may have a risk of emotional, conduct and attention problems (Bates et al., 2018). It is also agreed that intelligence consists of more than getting a good score in IQ tests, but it involves cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills.

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