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Aviation Legislation (Essay Sample)


Write a one-page (not including cover and reference pages) APA formatted summary report that answers the question: can the U.S. Foreign Airline Alliances and the U.S. Domestic Market Code–sharing be considered one and the same? why or why not?
save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first name and last name and the last activity number (or) description. do not add punctuation or special characters.


Aviation legislation
The U.S. Foreign Airline Alliances and the U.S. Domestic Market Code–sharing may be contemplated if the two entities benefit the public and global market growth. Consequently, Gerlachet al. (2013) affirm that the U.S. carrier code-sharing accords with other airlines have increased significantly. The number of complete U.S. carrier alliances, cooperative promotional, and business treaties with various flights has increased. As the need for overseas passengers rises, so will the competitiveness of price-positioning because both economies compete to draw crowds. When the U.S. and other coalitions collaborate, the cost of flying is reduced. Brueckner and Singer (2019) argue that over two decades of descriptive statistics support reduced fares, demonstrating that U.S. and foreign partnerships are helpful. As in all previous analyses, the research shows that ticketing cost decreases on interconnecting schedules due to alliance coordination, with dimensions that mirror those seen in previous articles (Brueckner & Singer, 2019). The effectiveness of these accords is exemplified by "Open Skies," in which flights are now cooperating for the public's advantage and exhibit no indications of decelerating. In 1992, the U.S and Holland signed the first "Open Skies" treaty. Lewis (2019) claims that ever since the accords have grown in number, the United States has signed deals with more than 120 nations. The U.S. has signed two international treaties and 120 bilateral treaties.
The advantage of code-sharing across airlines firms is that it comes close to integrating them, allowing them to profit as revenues rise due to the flo

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