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Can Wireless Power Transmission Help Solve the Poverty Problem? (Essay Sample)


The paper analyzes the problem of Wireless Power Transmission and the Poverty. this essay discusses the main benefits of wireless power transmission, potential threats and obstacles.


Can Wireless Power Transmission Help Solve the Poverty Problem?
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Can Wireless Power Transmission Help Solve the Poverty Problem?
Wireless power transmission technology has been a widely contested subject among scientists in recent years. With the growing necessity of electrical devices like laptop computers, cell phones, lights, and refrigerators, the overall cost of electricity has increased significantly in rural areas (Sarkar et al., 2018). Wires and cables used in electrical equipment are expensive and inefficient in terms of power consumption. The wireless power transmission uses a non-contact power transmission technique through radio waves to transmit energy using an electromagnetic resonant frequency (Nche et al., 2015). The primary goal of wireless power transmission is to enable electrical appliances to access power while eliminating the need for power cables which are expensive to buy and maintain, particularly for developing economies (Devereaux, 2018). The critics of the technology raise safety concerns which can be costly in the long run. Although wireless electricity transmission is hailed for lowering the cost of access to power, the invention is criticized for being a source of radiation that endangers human health.
The usage of cables and cords is expensive. While electricity is required for rural development and infrastructure improvement, emerging economies cannot afford the total costs for electricity installation (Nche et al., 2015). Furthermore, current conveyance through high resistance cables and wires remains is inefficient. The resistivity causes a significant waste of energy, reducing cost-effectiveness. Power losses through wires are projected to be 26 percent in India, making it impossible for such economies to build quality infrastructure and upgrade their livelihoods (Sarkar et al., 2018). Furthermore, transmitting energy across vast distances using power cables is expensive. As a result, wireless transmission of power helps to reduce the total cost of energy, making it more accessible to poor regions.
Excessive usage of wires in schools, residences, and businesses poses a significant danger to human life. Exposed live power transmission wires can cause electric shocks. This can translate to additional expenditure on medical care and sometimes death, both of which have a negative impact on rural development. Besides, while using cables to recharge batteries, the charged batteries can explode, causing devastating effects for humans (Devereaux, 2018). On the other hand, radiofrequency energy transfer uses electromagnetic radiation that is safe, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. As a result, wireless electricity connection is more secure, lowering total homestead costs in low-income regions.
Conversely, electromagnetic electricity transmission emits radioactive isotopes that may be detrimental to health. The radioactive fallout produced by electromagnetic energy sources can induce severe illnesses like cancer, expensive and difficult for poor people to manage(Devereaux, 2018). Comprehensive studies are necessary to have a healthy microwave transmitter to prevent exposure to health hazards caused by radioactive emissions. A robust economy requires the input of healthy people for healthy dev

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