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How an IT Enterprise Architecture can Help in a Large Organization (Essay Sample)


Explain in specific (not generic) terms how an IT enterprise architecture can help in your organization (or a large organization most of us are familiar with). The architecture can include cloud based and non-based cloud component.
HOA Rubric (26 Points)
5/5 Discussed the importance of the results
5/5 Clearly presented the analysis
2/2 Provided References to support your analysis from web based materials or interviews at the company, APA7 Format
3/3 Provided references to support your analysis with one article from a journal (can be a trade journal) within the last 7 years, APA7 Format
Any work with a Turnitin Score higher than 20% excluding reference matches will receive a zero


How an IT Enterprise Architecture can Help in a Large Organization

Enterprise architecture includes designing, developing, and maintaining information technology (IT) infrastructure. It is often a combination of numerous frames. Enterprise architecture employs architectural concepts to assist large or growing enterprises to adapt to technological, economic, and informational transformations. The enterprise architecture is responsible for maintaining a company's IT infrastructure. Enterprise architecture (EA) is now prevalent in every firm. With proper planning, an organization can take control of its resources and confidently handle the rising complexity of today's economic environment. In other words, it is the science and practice of designing and operating a dependable and secure network for computation and information. In this paper, we look at how an IT enterprise design might benefit a business.
The business architecture enables the provision of an organization's overarching strategy. According to Aldea et al. (2018), enterprise architecture is no longer confined to a single IT department. Enterprise architecture used to be only a link between business and technology, but it now accomplishes much more. As a first stage, it provides firms with a complete view of existing IT parameters and a roadmap to the future of technology. It's a way to examine the overall picture of an organization and get valuable insights while keeping things as simple as possible. IT enterprise architecture is a comprehensive knowledge store represented by a conceptual design. It is the foundation for delivering physical items, textual content, and other structural components. It may also help in discovering interdependencies and possible sources of synergy.
  IT enterprise architecture help to reduce an organization's complexity. Enterprise architecture is a tried and practical approach to enhancing the inner workings of a company. Most firms operate as a network of linked systems and components, so this is a significant game shift. It is not possible to avoid this degree of complexity. Kitsios et al. (2018) argue that enterprise architecture emphasizes the need to be proactive and goal-oriented. It facilitates the calibration and automation of processes by using the proper ideas, techniques, and standards. The result is nothing less than a company-wide effort to change operations. The organization has separate technological needs from company objectives to permit strategic changes and reorientations (such as acquisitions and mergers). Businesses that rely heavily on data and technology will benefit the most from IT enterprise architecture.

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