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Should Nuclear Energy be Abandoned? (Essay Sample)


this essay analyzes the benefits and threats of Nuclear Energy to understand if it should be Abandoned.


Should Nuclear Energy be Abandoned?
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Should Nuclear Energy be Abandoned?
For several years, the issue of whether or not to utilize nuclear power as a worldwide source of energy has been argued and researched. The atomic energy industry has experienced recent growth due to the increasing consumption of energy, the need for safer energy, and the zeal to eliminate global greenhouse gas emissions (Buongiorno et al., 2019). Nuclear station technology advances are applied to minimize nuclear accidents while supplying cleaner energy around the globe. Nuclear power, however, brings with it new risks and fears. Many people are concerned about the possibility of devastating nuclear mishaps that may release radioactive chemicals into the environment. The conflicting views of many stakeholders on adopting nuclear power raise the crucial issue of whether nuclear energy should be abandoned.
Embracing nuclear energy is moving toward a more environmentally friendly energy strategy. Nuclear energy is not only a preferable replacement to coal and similar fossil fuel sources, but it is also highly efficient than renewable energy (Buongiorno et al., 2019). Furthermore, wind and solar power cannot produce vast quantities of energy required to meet the world's increasing energy demands. Nuclear power is among the few energy sources that do not contribute to global warming, rendering it the most environmentally friendly energy alternatives. Nuclear energy is also a highly dependable form of energy since just a small quantity of uranium is required to generate substantial electricity.  As a result, nuclear energy is a viable and sustainable form of energy that should be embraced.
In contrast, when considering the dangers linked to nuclear power production, the catastrophic consequences from radiation leakage are apparent. Notwithstanding the safety precautions in place, various circumstances have led nuclear power facilities to break down, wreaking havoc on the environment and the community who live in the impacted regions (Congress & Horowitz, 2016). Furthermore, uranium resources can be depleted in the long run, making nuclear energy a temporal solution. In addition, radioactive waste is tough to manage since it is toxic for an extended period and has no means of being eliminated. The current approach is to lock it in barrels and bury it far underground trenches. However, this method has sparked much debate over its safety. As a result, nuclear power is just a temporary and hazardous alternative that can not be pursued indefinitely.
Despite the objections towards it, nuclear power remains the best option to replace hydrocarbon fuels. Nuclear energy can provide large quantities of power and emit fewer pollutants, with a negligible contribution to climate change (Pravalie & Badoc, 2018). The dangers of nuclear power station breakdowns and radiation emissions are significant. However, additional safety measures are implemented in nucle

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