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Technology: What First Comes in Mind (Essay Sample)


technology helps us to live our life simple because of the high-tech technology nowadays loke gadgets and machines. this are the things that comes first in my mind about technology.


What are the first things that come to mind when you think about technology?
When I think about technology, the word innovation comes to mind. We currently live in an advanced period when innumerable advances have resulted in the ease of human life, and technology is the primary reason for this (Benjamin et al., 2019). They bring about or initiate change by bringing new concepts and ways that make life easier.
Describe the role technology plays in your life?
Innovation affects how individuals communicate, learn, and think. It adds to society and impacts how people communicate every day. In this day and age, innovation assumes an essential part. It has both valuable and terrible results in the world and an immediate effect on individuals' lives. We live in a period where mechanical progressions are typical (Benjamin et al., 2019). Cells and the Internet are two models. In any case, there is a downside to technical advancements.
Technology reduces the cost of forming and acting as a group. While we've always joined together to engage in community change through "weak ties," the Internet can make this far more successful (Benjamin et al., 2019).
Shift time is possible thanks to technology. To "meet" group members, we do not need to be in the same room simultaneously. They may plan events for days or months in advance, and members can join in whenever they choose (Benjamin et al., 2019).
Communication is made more accessible by technology. It now only takes one click and maybe one tweet to spread the news. To share something with a social network these days, all one has to do is type it in (Benjamin et al., 2019).
In what ways do you like technology?
The fact that technology treats everyone equally is one of the main reasons why most people like it. Gender biases, religion, caste, or creed have little bearing on the availability and advantages of technology. Technology, particularly the Internet, is a haven where you may express yourself freely and anonymously, bypassing language, time zones, and cultural boundaries (Benjamin et al., 2019). It is also helpful for education and business and serves as a window to the rest of the world.
In what ways do you dislike technology?
One thing I dislike about technology is the ads. I despise how every program I download is smoth

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