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Reagan Doctrine Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


the effects of reagan doctrine


Effects of the Reagan Doctrine
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The speech from Ronald Reagan was meant to break ties with leaders who were not ready to respect the principle of fundamental human right. The message also attracted more nations to the aid of the United States of America once they agreed to oppose the rule of one man with a selfish dream. After challenging the jurisdiction of communism in different parts of the world, the United States of America was able to have new allies. Countries such as South and Central America and the Philippines were able to get democracy. The economic growth in the pacific and free-market trade was realised by the nations who were ready to work together with the interest of the people. On the other hand, growths in technology such as telecommunication and computers services spread in different parts of the free nations.[Roniger, Luis. "US hemispheric hegemony and the descent into genocidal practices in Latin America." State Violence and Genocide in Latin America: The Cold War Years]

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