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Bentley Motors: External Environment Analysis Business Essay (Essay Sample)


the essay required an analysis of some recent changes in the external business environment of bentley Motors limited, A British car manufacturer founded in 1919 and a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group. the major requirement in the essay is to examine how these changes in Bentley motors' external environment influenced decisions in the firm and impacted business functions. thus, this essay examines these changes in the firm's macro business environment, researches on the most recent decisions made by bentley's functional departments, and reconciles these decisions to the observed macro environmental changes.


By Student's Name
Business in Context: BUS3001
Dr. Sally Kah
Birmingham City University
14 December 2020
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc58731620 \h 3External Business Environment and Bentley Motors PAGEREF _Toc58731621 \h 3Political Environment Changes PAGEREF _Toc58731622 \h 3Economic Environment Changes PAGEREF _Toc58731623 \h 4Social Environment Changes PAGEREF _Toc58731624 \h 4Technological Changes PAGEREF _Toc58731625 \h 5Ecological Environment Changes PAGEREF _Toc58731626 \h 6Macro-factors and the Businesses Functions at Bentley Motors PAGEREF _Toc58731627 \h 6Conclusions PAGEREF _Toc58731628 \h 9Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc58731629 \h 9References PAGEREF _Toc58731630 \h 10
Bentley Motors: External Environment Analysis
Bentley Motors Limited is a British car manufacturer founded in 1919 and is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group (Volkswagen, 2020). The large car manufacturer currently has a dedicated team of 4,000 engineers in its production lines. It is one of the largest and best luxury cars and SUVs manufacturers in Britain. Bentley Motors Limited's vision reads: "to create extraordinary cars for extraordinary customers" (Bentleymotors, 2020). This report seeks to analyze Bentley Limited's external environment and evaluate how its changes impacted Bentley's operations. The research will examine how Bentley's functional departments are affected by the changes in the external environment and the eventual impact on organizations' decisions and outcomes. According to Whittington et al. (2017), the external business environment contains the broad macroeconomic factors that impact the business to varying degrees, depending on its impact. The environment has political, economic, social, technological, ecological, and legal factors (Stimpson and Farquharson, 2015) from a national, regional, or global perspective. Whittington et al. (2017) posit that the external environment is a source of comprehensive data that determines key drivers of change; hence changes in the external environment impacts all business functions: production, human resources, finance, marketing, and more. Bentley Motors Limited is not immune to these dynamic forces in the external environment. Consumers are capricious; covid-19 brought change to the global economic space; environmental laws are changing; technology is revolving perpetually. The report will examine how these trends impact Bentley in particular and conclude by recommending sustainable courses of action to cope with changes in the environment.

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