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Leadership and Management for Service Industries- LMSI Essay (Essay Sample)


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See the feedback below from my tutor.
LSMI is supposed to be in a report format, not an essay as what you did.
Here I attach a template that could help you to follow the right format needed for this report.


This sheet must be submitted with your assignment. Failure to complete, sign and submit this form will result in a mark of ‘0’ for the assignment.
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Activity 1 is missing. This can be downloaded from moodle. LMSI workbook that has guidance on the slides that you need to prepare.
Talent management features are prominently among top strategies for ensuring organisational excellence. The strategy underscores the careful execution of important human capital management activities such as recruiting, hiring, retaining and developing employees with the most superior skills in the market (Collings et al. 2015). In this context, talent management will imply the process that the human resource will engage to hire, train and advance the most efficient employees with skills in hospitality services. In the organisational setting, talents manifest in diverse shapes and forms.
Normally, the categorisation is twofold; hard and soft skills. The pair influences in many ways the day-to-day operations in the business from top management down to the employees and support personnel (Vinichenk et al. 2017). The management of hard and soft skills in organisations falls under the talent management domain and contributes significantly towards the success of the process.
Talent management is a broad workforce management initiative that encompasses a wide range of skill management and knowledge sharing strategies that contribute towards both individual and team developments. Balcar (2016) describes hard skills as the teachable and assessable qualities proficiency in using digital programs, speed, and machine operation capacity. Conversely, soft skills comprise the various individual personality traits that qualify one as a good employee or team player including but not limited to communication, leadership, etiquette, listening, and time management (Adeyinka-Ojo 2018). In particular, the hospitality industry takes a keen interest in the development of the stated skills. The service industry is founded on the pillars of a range of soft skills that helps guarantee the provision of excellent services that match customer expectations. Excellent etiquette, communication, and listening skills are the skills required for every individual working in the hospitality industry nature of business notwithstanding.

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