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A Critical Analysis of Leadership Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


This essay was a critical analysis of one significant experience and/or challenge that demonstrates leadership skills. As part of this analysis i was required to examine how the experience made me feel and how i have grown and developed leadership skills as a result of the experience.


A Critical Analysis of Leadership
During the internship program at a hospital, two of my fellow students and I were put in charge of taking care of the in-patients at the casualty department. One day one of my patients had a cardiac arrest 15 minutes after taking his vitals in the morning, and I had to initiate a code blue. I quickly called the nurses and had to help them do CPR. I encouraged my classmates to help me as I was getting tired doing chest compression's. As students, this was our first time experiencing a code blue, as well as being part of one. I played a big role in the code blue as I was communicating with the Doctors, and respiratory therapists while performing chest compression. My classmates were afraid to perform chest compressions with me, and I encouraged, motivated, and comforted them as they were nervous. My classmates ended up helping me perform chest compression's. Although there were nurses around, I encouraged some of my classmates to perform CPR as it was an experience they won’t forget. Some of my classmates were affected that my patient didn't survive, but I comforted them and reminded them that we tried our best, as they were thinking twice about staying in the nursing field. Unfortunately, my patient didn't make it, after doing CPR for 25 minutes. I was the tasked with delivering the bad news to family and friends of the diseased

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