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Role of Nurses in Healthcare Facilities. Health, Medicine, Nursing (Essay Sample)


The paper discusses the role of nurses in healthcare facilities and some of the challenges they undergo.


Role of Nurses in Health Care Facilities
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Role of Nurses in Health Care Facilities
Nurses perform many duties within health care facilities. Although other professions also work within these organizations, no health facility can survive without them. They are the most critical profession in any health care system due to the crucial role they play.
Firstly, they provide optimum care for patients. They ensure that the clients take their meals, medications, and even assist them in maintaining hygiene. Through the incorporation of evidence-based practices, they provide personalized care to accommodate existing diversity. In a gout management study, 95% of patients who obtained nursing attention registered reduced concentration of up to 360 mol/L, unlike the ones who incorporated ordinary home care. ( Doherty et al., 2018) . The result showcases how essential their services are.

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