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Nursing Leadership and Change Medicine Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


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Nursing Leadership and Change
Lack of transparency
Credible service delivery in our healthcare facilities is being hindered by the lack of transparency. Lack of transparency may come in various ways such as overpriced medicine, the cost of equipment (machines, gloves, syringe, and bandages) and exaggerated medical bills. It has become an issue since more patients and nurses are being affected in one way or another. According to CITATION Edw17 \l 1033 (Winkfield, 2017), the government has spent 1.9 trillion on healthcare delivery which is 16% of the GDP. However, most of this money is lost through corruption. Usually, corrupt officials opt to go for cheap equipment and pocket the rest of the money, an illustration of the lack of transparency. Most of these equipment's purchased in such manner normally malfunction leading to loss of life in unclear circumstances. If no proper investigation is carried out the nurses are the ones who are persecuted for these errors. This paper discusses the problem of lack of transparency and how effectively change can be set in.
A health care facility, if not properly managed, can destroy life instead of saving a life. In order to achieve high delivery services in a healthcare facility, transparency is very essential. This is because most transactions in a health institution are carried out by the procurement and finance. The management should be provided with the receipts of transactions and be keen on the transactions CITATION Bri04 \l 1033 (Brinkerhoff, 2004). This way, it will be able to monitor the quality and amount of resources spent to purchase the equipment. In addition, it is important for the management to know the price tags of most medical equipment and machine for them to detect any case of fraud. Besides quality assurance is very essential in a health care facility. Before a facility is put in place it is supposed to be thoroughly scrutinized. Any mistake either in machines or equipment can be dangerous to both nurses and patients
First of all, the management unit needs to be informed on what conspires after an equipment or a medicine is bought from the market to the hospital. They need to know the current market prices and best products in the market. Secondly, they need to create a clear platform for communication between doctors, nurses, and management. This can be helpful in closing that gap of lack of trust among employees and employers so that any loophole spotted somewhere can be addressed before getting to a level which cannot be remedied. Thirdly, putting up forums for communicating issues with the senior officials is paramount. This can be through meetings probably once in a week. In addition, all employees should be kept posted on equipment bought and their ideas should be accepted. Finally, with such a plan in place, all the transactions taking place in any health care facility are well managed and transparent.
There are several strategies to be put in place to prevent overpricing of medical services. First, there is need to change the mode of payment by patients. Paying through cash patients could be overcharged by cashier which end up in their personal pockets. Secondly, patients need to insured to prevent them from being manipulated. If a patient is insured the insurance company will cover up the medical bills required in the hospital. This mode of payment is procedural and any price quoted must be clearly accounted for before the funds are released. Thirdly, nurses should be motivated. Sometimes their work entails overtime. The number of patients can increase any time making nurses work overtime. In such situations, the nurses should be motivated. Introduction of such programs will

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