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Communist Rule in the Soviet Union (Essay Sample)


A paper explaining the history of the soviet union


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Communist Rule in the Soviet Union
The Communist government ruled the Soviet Union for almost half a century after the Second World War. Their rule had significant consequences in the Soviet Union. The Communist government had several social, political, and economic effects on the people. In the Soviet Union, dissent against the Communist system manifested itself in many ways; many people were against the Communist party. On the other hand, the Communist government had its strategies of staying in power and defeating its critics.
The Communist government demands conformity and uniformity, whereas life, in its essence, spirals towards diversity and individual freedom. Any attempt by the individual to pursue one's interest is regarded as a betrayal of the system. Life in the Communist system is permeated with lies. Here are some of the consequences of the Communist rule in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union became a sinkhole of bureaucracy. Consequently, abuse and lack of freedom of expression ensued. In addition, misuse of power by the system enslaved the working class to the corporate industry. In addition, despite these atrocities individuals were powerless and could not confront the system. The Soviet Union was full of activists against the system particularly musicians who played a significant role in the dissent against the Communist rule and system. For example a rock group of young musicians called the "The Plastic People of the Universe," created a spiritual and intellectual climate in a political event. There were different reactions to the young musicians’ activists’ actions as a confrontation of different opinions of the people. Supporting the players, were unidentified young individuals who wanted to play the songs they enjoyed and to sing songs they understood. These individuals had no political history nor did they have any political ambitions, all they were after was the truth. This event was the beginning of the collapse of the Communist government. The society, scholars, artists, and people from different groups showed a powerful sense of solidarity in the fight against the Communist system. The dissident operated with a realistic attitude. They were tired of living a lie. The basis of their work was the principle of legality. They avoided revolting.[Prados, John. How the Cold War Ended: Debating and Doing History. Washington, D.C.: Potomac Books, 2011.] [Havel, Va. The Power of the Powerless: Citizens against the State in Central-eastern Europe. Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 1985]
The Communist government had its strategies and moves that it used to stay in power and defeat the critics. Creating insatiable power for the system ruled the Soviet Union for almost half a century. The Communist system expected all individuals to be unquestioningly obedient. Not living or operating by the Communists expectations was regarded as betrayal. The citizens if the Soviet Union lived in fear of isolation once identified as not being loyal to the Communist government. The system was a dictatorship government. This system served people only to the extent necessary to ensure that people would serve it. The Communist rule pulled all citizens into its sphere of authority, not so that they may realize themselves as individual human beings, but so they may surrender their human identity for the identity of the Communist system. The communist party was united, and they provided a united front against the heir critics.[Garthoff, Raymond L. The Great Transition American-Soviet Relations and the End of the Cold War. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1994.]
Eventually, the Communist party relinquished its power, and there was a renewed focus on politics. The problem could be solved by form...
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