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My Personal Model of Leadership Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


My Personal Model of Leadership


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My Personal Model of Leadership
As far as the leadership model is concerned, there may be various models that highlight the traits and behaviors of a leader. Principally, the leadership model brings out sturdy and powerful personal traits a leader has within in order to handle activities and tasks in an organization. It helps the leader understand how to encourage subordinates to work in the larger interest of the organization CITATION Edu19 \l 1033 (Educba, 2019). In this regard, democratic, situational, autocratic, free-lien, and participative leadership styles are known as common leadership models which leaders adapt to get the work done by their subordinates. It shows different aspects of organizational and managerial aspects of the organization in order to accomplish fruitful results.
In a broader perspective, the leadership model distinguishes a specific mechanism through which a leader implements the business strategy. Therefore, leaders must know diversified leadership styles so that they can execute them within the organization according to organizational structure and culture CITATION Edu19 \l 1033 (Educba, 2019). On the other hand, a leader does not only rule a group of people but also motivate them towards discharging their duties with utmost care and prudence. In other words, it is pertinent to state that an effective leadership model can help a leader increase the performance of their subordinates. On the one hand, it augments the confidence level of a leader; on the other hand, it also creates opportunities for the business in the long run. The whole workplace environment reflects the leadership model.

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