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Workstyle Conflict Analysis Memo (Essay Sample)


Assignment 3-4 pages
For your selected workplace conflict, write a reflective conflict analysis memo in which you address the following:
Describe the situation and conflict.
Explain how you handled the conflict at the time. Describe strategies you employed to resolve the conflict.
Reflecting on the final outcome, explain how you would approach the conflict differently to improve your effectiveness at managing the situation.
Referencing the IHI (2017) and ANA (2015) resources, and the AONL competencies, explain how you might implement strategies to encourage a culture of safety and respect to decrease conflict and bullying in the workplace in the future.


Conflict Analysis Memo
Date: 30/3/2020
Subject: Workplace Conflict
It has come to the attention of the management that the organization is experiencing a rise in conflict between the employees. We know that a conflict is an unavoidable act that can occur at any given time. When workers and stakeholders disagree, they jeopardize the performance of the organization. Regardless of the type and level of the conflict, managing it is a key competency factor that everybody in the workplace needs to study and practice to maintain a suitable working environment.
The situation and conflict
Recently, a battle between two employees working in the nursing department emerged. One employee (male), who is good at what he does occasionally waits until the last minute to complete the job assigned to him. The other employee (female) works more steadily and maintains her work every day. The female employee complained that she finds it challenging to work with the male employee because she is not comfortable waiting until last minute to complete the work especially when she has to do work jointly with her colleague. Due to the different style of work, the two may not work together, and they both start thinking of working separately. Sometimes, the other employee misses more work, and there is a possibility that he does this to avoid his colleague and her wrath.
This type of conflict is known 

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