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Technology, Behavioral change and Psychological issues Essay (Essay Sample)


an essay on technology and its effects to behaviour change and psychology.


Technology, behavioral change and psychological issues.
The twenty-first - century society embraces technology and new technologies. Every year technology advances and it is incorporated into the daily life of all. Technologies such as smartphones, computers, smartwatches, smart glasses, smart TV’s, and game consoles are integrated into homes, jobs, education, transportation, and medicine for people (Brito, 2012). Technology makes interacting easily over long distances possible for humans. People have the ability to look at their fingertips for an abundance of information. It has changed the employment of people, literally in areas such as construction and design, and through Internet access, education (Little et al., 2013).
Technology has many advantages but is all the technology good for the health of people? Is it worth using a smartphone or a device for the whole day? Overuse of technology can trigger mild to severe issues. Mental and physical health of users can be significantly influenced by technology. Anxiety, narcissism, a need for immediate satisfaction and depression can cause psychological problems. In addition to having an effect on consumers' mental health, the use of technology may also have detrimental impacts on physical health, including hearing, ear damage, and a pain in the neck (Wartella et al., 2016). There have been many implications, but the results caused by technology are far more negative. In today's culture, computer use is generally acceptable. In recent years, video games, home computers and the internet, especially for young people have become an important part of our lives.

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